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Haunted House goes BETA!

8 octubre, 2011

At the worst possible timing, just in the middle of the annual IFCOMP, my Indigo speed-if post-comp release of Haunted House enters public beta-testing phase.

This should have happened long ago, but I fell under a severe writer’s block when I was just a few paragraphs away from consider it finished. I think there is still a lot to improve, but I guess it’s time to stop the neverending polishing loop and give it a go!

All kinds of feedback are wellcome, but proofreading of my not-precisely-state-of-the-art English is the most desperately needed.

Volunteers for beta-testing will receive a link with the game website. They can play it on-line or download the z8 file and play with an ordinary interpreter and send me transcripts.

A proofreading of the accompanying booklet will also be quite appreciated!

During beta-testing the source code will also be available at the game’s site, just in case any tester feels like taking a peek into it. It is reasonable short, so it can also help proofreading.

Volunteers can contact me at rockersuke in that evil ugly thing known as hotmail or sending me a private meesage at the IF Forum.

As the whole thing is about hanging around an abandoned house It would be nice to make the final release somewhere around the upcoming Halloween, but that’s not mandatory (and we’ll have a bunch of Halloween games out there with the Ectocomp anyway 🙂 )

Thanks everybody in advance!


Haunted House under development

My votes for the IF TOP-50 – Hi, Planet-IF!

8 octubre, 2011

If the last thing you were expecting from a Línea Dura update was an English speech then don’t panic. It’s not that yours truly has been possesed by the ghost of Shakespeare (though that would be real cool!), it’s just that I’m inagurating the «Planet-IF» category, intended to be added to the rss feed of Planet Interactive Fiction, an aggregator of english Interactive Fiction related blogs. Spanish posts will still be appearing here… as randomly as usual, that’s to say, don’t hold your breath, but they’ll eventually be there!

My first english post is a copy-paste of my votes for the Interactive Fiction TOP-50, as I sent them to the IF Forum a few days ago. It’s just meant to check this category is seen where it should be seen and not where it’s not expected! If you hadn’t heard about the IF TOP-50 this thread at the IF Forum tells everything about it. Now there goes my list:

My top! These are not exactly the works I personally consider the «best» according to my taste, but the ones I both consider as great works (so it doeesn’t pretend to be objetive) and would recommend to anyone wether she shares my tastes or not (so a few of my «masterworks» list get excluded).

Cozumel. (A.K.A. Diosa De Cozumel) Aventuras AD, 1989
Spanish commercial IF at its peak. It was released for most active 8 and 16 bits platforms at Europe in 1989, and it had evrything in the exact right measure: clever, challenging puzzles, a nice plot, a detailed enviroment which helped inmersion, good NPC characterization, sense of good old clasic exploring and adventuring… all of it as basicly developed as expected for 80’s home computers, but so wisely mixed that it makes all prior and subsequent spanish IF production (incuding current modern works) look, well, unbalanced!

Floarea Soarelui. Colin Woodcock, Serban Ovidiu Morcan, 2006
On Reflection. Lee Tonks, 2007
These are two very different approachs to a same goal. Floarea is a spies comedy located in a little village. Reflection is an atmospheric daunting sci-fi thriller. Both are modern works made for an old school 8-bit computer, and they make more than one current platform work pale by comparision just with their carefully stylized writting and powerful ambientation. Strongly recommended.

1893 A World’s Fair Mystery. Peter Nepstad, 2002
Now there goes a lesson on how to make commercial IF viable nowadays. Select your audience and give them something of their true interest. There is a fair chance of reaching outside your target if the product is nicely crafted. I was never into History or world’s fairs and had a great time with it, anyway. Worth every penny!

Violet. Jeremy freese, 2008
Cheerful romantic comedy at its best. Casual IF players (if such a thing exists :lol:) could love it just like casual moviegoers could enjoy a Kevin Smith flick. Incidentally, It also has some twist that makes it groundbreaking in terms of IF narrative, but that’s not the point now. Play and enjoy!


Cozumel 1893

Real copies of Cozumel and 1893